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What You Need to Know About Adoption

 Posted on May 22, 2019 in Family Law

Oakland County adoption lawyerIt is always exciting when a couple decides to pursue adoption. It is an important and big decision that involves undertaking a complex legal process. However, when an adoption is executed properly, it can yield great rewards. If you are considering adoption, it is important to find a reputable adoption lawyer to handle your case. To prepare for the adoption process, let’s go through some important points to consider.  

Hire the Right Professional

To reiterate, it is important to hire an adoption attorney to handle your case. If you try to google “adoption process” on your own, the information can be very overwhelming. There are businesses who call themselves “adoption facilitators” who act as a third-party between you and the adoption agency. Adoption facilitators are not a requirement for the adoption process and are actually illegal in 15 states. If you are approached by a third-party vendor (not an attorney or agency) who claims they can help you find a birth mother, it is wise to turn the other way. Unfortunately, parents seeking adoption are easily scammed due to their vulnerable position.

Know Your Costs

The average adoption costs $40,000. If a third-party vendor offers a much lower rate, it is important to be very suspicious. If you hire an agency for a lower rate, it is important to vet and fact-check all details. Is the agency including travel costs for the birth mother or are there other hidden charges? If costs are rising, it is important to make educated choices rather than emotional ones.

Consider An Open Adoption

An open adoption is when you make an arrangement between your family and the birth mother so that the birth mother has a relationship with your family throughout the child’s life. If you are considering an open adoption, you are also adopting the birth mother in a sense. Since both parties have found themselves in unexpected situations, it can be nice to make a collaborative relationship in raising the child. However, open adoptions are not advisable in every situation.

Contact an Oakland County Adoption Attorney

Adoption is a long and testing process, but one that can lead to great joy and enhance one’s family. If you are considering adoption, you need the best representation to guide you through this process. Our reputable Oakland County adoption lawyers will be there to listen and will handle your adoption case with efficiency and skill. Elkouri Heath, PLC prides itself in giving quality legal services to those going through the adoption process. Contact us at 248-344-9700 today for a free consultation.



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