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Pre-Divorce Tips

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Oakland County, MI Family Lawyers Offer Advice Before Filing for Divorce

Deciding to divorce can be an extremely difficult decision. In some cases, it may take someone years to finally move forward and file for divorce. When you do however, it is important to protect yourself and move forward with the best possible personal and financial outlook. At Elkouri Heath PLC, we recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Do not incur any new debt.
  2. Consider setting up an emergency account, however, be prepared to account for any monies removed or expended.
  3. Get a safe deposit box in your name only and move your important documents there.
  4. Avoid social media postings about your social life or ranting about your spouse.
  5. Get an insurance checkup.
  6. Obtain a copy of your credit report and monitor it carefully.
  7. Prepare a budget of your current married expenses and your anticipated future single expenses.
  8. Consider revoking or modifying old wills and codicils, health care directives, living wills and durable power of attorneys.
  9. Amend your W-4 to reflect your soon to be divorced status.
  10. Do not volunteer for any additional overtime, it will increase your support obligation.
  11. If you have children, spend time with them. Make an effort to be involved in their daily lives. You want to be able to show the judge how involved you are as a parent.
  12. Gather income and investment information, 401K statements, pension statements, bank statements and debt information for both you and your spouse.
  13. Get a market analysis of your properties.

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If you are considering filing for divorce or are ready to move forward, contact the divorce lawyers at Elkouri Heath PLC at 248-344-9700. We serve clients throughout southeastern Michigan including Wayne County and Oakland County.

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