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Those who serve in our nation's armed forces voluntarily place themselves in harm's way to protect the freedom and way of life that we all enjoy. Serving in the military, as many are painfully aware, can put a tremendous amount of strain on a marriage and family life. Some couples are unable to resolve their marital issues and may choose to seek a divorce.

At Elkouri Heath PLC, we understand that the divorce process can be stressful and complex for military members and their spouses. Any divorce can be challenging, but there are separate laws and other considerations that military members must take into account, and our experienced team is prepared to help you and your family throughout the process.

Wayne County Military Divorce Attorneys

One of the most difficult aspects of a military divorce is the reality that service members often spend a significant amount of time away from their families due to their service obligations. They may be deployed to another country, assigned to a ship at sea, or assigned duties that take them all over the world for months at a time. This makes divorce issues like residency requirements, filing, service of process, and other considerations much more difficult for military members compared to their civilian counterparts. The Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act of 1940 provides a number of protections for service men and women in the divorce process, but it takes a skilled attorney to ensure that those protections are properly enforced.

There are also laws that apply to certain aspects of property division in a military divorce. For example, the Uniform Services Former Spouses Protection Act specifies if and when a service member's military pension may be treated as marital property for the purposes of a divorce. Other provisions may also apply to ensure that such property is divided equitably between the service member and his or her spouse.

Protecting the Rights of Military Parents in Farmington Hills

A person's military service can also affect his or her prospects for securing his or her parental rights during a divorce. The court is required to consider the child's best interests when deciding on issues of child custody and parenting time and may be inclined to give primary custody to a parent who is not likely to deploy.

Attorneys Susan Elkouri and Symantha Heath are committed to helping military parents protect their rights and foster meaningful, loving relationships with their children. With nearly 50 years of combined family law experience, we have the knowledge and skills to handle even the most complex military divorce cases.

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