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Top Three Reasons for Gray Divorce

 Posted on January 30, 2024 in Divorce

I=MI divorce lawyerGray divorce is becoming more and more common. If you are nearing retirement age and are getting divorced, you likely have a few special concerns, such as dividing your retirement funds. While leaving your spouse at this age may feel like a major upheaval in your life, rest assured that many older adults find true happiness - or even fall in love again - after a gray divorce. There are many different reasons people choose to get divorced at this age. Whether this is your first marriage and you were together for decades, or you are ending a shorter-term repeat marriage, you need to be represented by an experienced Oakland County, MI, divorce attorney. Protecting your financial security in retirement is likely to be a very high priority for you, and an attorney can work to ensure that you receive fair treatment when dividing assets. 

Common Reasons Older Adults Get Divorced

Some of the most common reasons older adults choose to end their marriages include: 

  • Growing apart - Over the years, you and your spouse may have become very different people. One of you may retain your traditional values, while the other may have modernized your way of thinking and doing things. You may find that your interests and values no longer align and that these differences are irreconcilable. 
  • Empty nests - If you and your spouse knew that your relationship was not ideal but chose to remain together for the sake of your children, it makes perfect sense to get divorced after your children have grown up and left the home. Although you will not need to create a parenting plan for adult children, you may find it helpful to have a few agreements in place, such as deciding who visits the children and grandchildren during which holidays. 
  • Medicare - Sadly, many elders who still love their spouses find it necessary to get divorced “on paper” only to protect their assets against Medicare recovery. If one of you must relocate to a nursing home and there is a likelihood that Medicare will come after your marital assets to cover these extreme costs, it may be prudent to legally divorce. These are special cases that can usually be handled quickly and out of court. You and your spouse may continue with your loving and marriage-like relationship after this type of divorce. 

If you are getting divorced at an older age, you are not alone. Although you may face unique challenges, you can enjoy your golden years without the burden of an unwanted or financially impractical marriage. 

Contact a Novi, MI Divorce Lawyer 

Elkouri Heath, PLC is experienced in helping older adults get divorced and prepare for their future. Our dedicated Oakland County, MI divorce attorneys will do all we can to protect your retirement. Contact us at 248-344-9700 for a complimentary consultation. 

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