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Three Tips to Help Your Kids Transition Between Households After Divorce

 Posted on June 17, 2022 in Divorce

Novi divorce attorneyFor most parents who get divorced in Michigan and have children under the age of 18, finalizing the divorce is only the beginning of a serious amount of work regarding the children. While divorced parents no longer have to live in the same household and deal with each other’s idiosyncrasies on a day-to-day basis, they must still deal with each other as they transition children between households. This can present many opportunities for conflict for the parents and managing the transition between parents can be very difficult for children. If you are considering divorce or are going through a divorce already, here are three tips for helping your children adjust to living in two homes. 

Avoid Conflict

Because children have neither the experience nor the wisdom to understand adult conflict, fighting parents can put pressure on children to take a side or have an opinion about their parents’ fighting that interferes with the child’s emotional wellness. Take extra precautions to avoid conflict whenever your children might see or hear it. If you must discuss contentious topics, do it when the children are not present in either of your homes. Present a calm, peaceful demeanor when you interact in person during parenting time tradeoffs. 

Give the Kids Their Schedule Ahead of Time

Too many transitions happening at the same time can be very stressful, even for adults. For children, a constantly fluctuating schedule can be miserable. Give your children the information they need to anticipate what is happening next. A visible calendar, marked with easy-to-understand stickers or notes, can help even small children know when they will be with which parent. Try to avoid last-minute changes unless absolutely necessary. 

Make the Kids Feel at Home in Both Households

Imagine living part-time in a house and part-time in a hotel; every time you visit the hotel, you have to pack a bag, worry about whether you will have everything you need, and then unpack the bag when you come home again. Such an existence is not suitable for young children, especially when the “hotel” is their other parent’s home. Help your children feel comfortable and secure by making sure they have everything they need in both homes. Homework and school supplies may be taken back and forth, but clothes, shoes, and daily necessities should be in both homes at all times. 

Meet with a Farmington Hills, MI Visitation Lawyer

Parenting time, and the living arrangements that come along with it, are an important part of any Michigan parenting agreement. For help creating an arrangement that works well for your whole family, contact the experienced Farmington Hills parenting time attorneys with Elkouri Heath, PLC. Our goal is to ensure your family’s wellness by providing excellent legal representation tailored to your unique needs. Call us now at 248-344-9700 to schedule your complimentary consultation. 




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