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The Advantages of Gray Divorce

 Posted on November 03, 2023 in Divorce

MI divorce laywerA lot of older adults are afraid to get divorced. This is especially true for those who married young and have been with their spouse for decades. They might have complex marital property to divide equitably. It can take a bit of courage to get divorced after 50. There are certain disadvantages older adults face during divorce, like suddenly having to learn how to do the things you depended on your spouse for most of your adult life. However, there are also some distinct advantages of gray divorce. You may not have some of the challenges or complications younger adults do, and you may have an easier time compromising than less mature individuals. If you are planning to proceed with a gray divorce, you should be represented by your own Oakland County attorney even if the split is amicable. It is wise to have a lawyer who knows your rights there to protect them. 

The Benefits of Gray Divorce

Older adults enjoy some advantages over younger adults who are also getting divorced. Some of the benefits of gray divorce include: 

  • Advanced maturity - Younger adults are generally less mature and more prone to fighting over inconsequential issues just to spite their spouse. Older adults are typically more mature and more likely to compromise quickly in the interest of resolving the divorce. 
  • Greater understanding - After a very long marriage, you and your spouse likely understand each other better than anyone else in the world. This can improve communication and hasten the process of making agreements. There is little guesswork as to what your spouse wants or would agree to. 
  • No minor children - Adults over 50 with similarly-aged partners are less likely to have minor children, and if they do, the children are usually teenagers. This can simplify the divorce process, as no parenting plan is needed. 
  • Financial stability - Older spouses who have been together a long time are more likely to be financially stable and prepared for retirement. Long-married homemakers are more likely to be granted spousal support, and less likely to be expected to return to the workforce. 
  • Starting fresh with confidence - Many younger adults who are getting divorced worry about things like finding a new social circle, attracting a new partner, or being a part-time single parent. Older adults might not have these difficulties, as they are less likely to lose friends after divorce due to amicability, and may not care about finding a new partner. 

While gray divorce can be difficult at first, seniors often find that it is less difficult than they initially feared. 

Contact a Northville, MI, Divorce Lawyer 

Elkouri Heath, PLC has ample experience with gray divorce. Our dedicated Oakland County divorce attorneys understand the unique issues seniors face when getting divorced. Contact us at 248-344-9700 for a complimentary consultation. 

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