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I’m a Single Parent – Can I Adopt in Michigan?

 Posted on December 11, 2019 in Family Law

I’m a Single Parent – Can I Adopt in Michigan?In the past, the nuclear family was preferred for adoption over other family makeups and dynamics; however, this has changed as society has modernized and the vision of the “American family” has expanded. Many single parents incorrectly believe that they cannot adopt due to their relationship status. In 2017 alone, almost 15,000 single women and nearly 2,000 single men adopted children or youth from foster care. For single women or men looking to adopt a child, it is important to consider how single parenthood would affect their lifestyle and to look at their various options to make an informed decision on the matter.

Lifestyle Changes

It is no secret that having a child changes an adult’s life forever. This is especially true of those looking to embark on this journey alone. Single individuals considering adoption should look at the following three areas to see if they are ready to take that step:

  1. Time Management: This is a skill that every parent is forced to learn when they bring their child home. Balancing work, your child’s needs, and your social life by yourself can be a difficult task. Before single parents move forward with the adoption, it is important to see how they would “fit” their child into their day while making them a priority.
  2. Financial Investment: Children are the most expensive investment a person can make. Necessities such as food, clothing, and doctor’s visits are enough to make a future parent’s head spin. When you think about the possible costs of education or extracurriculars, the investment may seem impossible. Parents should look at their financial stability before making a lifelong commitment to caring for a child.
  3. Relationships: Children can take up most of a parent’s time, making it difficult to start new relationships if they are not already in one. Children can complicate the dynamics of a new relationship and sometimes stop them altogether. Before deciding that a child is in your immediate future, you may want to look at your willingness to prioritize your child over romantic relationships to come.

What Are the Different Types of Adoption?

Aside from adopting a family member or stepchild, there are three different types of adoption available to those looking to grow their family.

  1. Domestic: Adoptions that take place within the U.S. are considered domestic adoptions. These adoptions can take place between towns, cities, or states. They can take an average of six months to two years to complete and typically cost around $30,000.
  2. International: Those that wish to find a child from outside of the U.S. will be completing an international adoption. These adoptions often cost more than those done domestically, with an average cost ranging from $30,000 to $45,000 depending on the country. It can take between one and three years to bring your child home.
  3. Foster: Children in the foster care system are those that have been taken out of dangerous home situations and placed into the care of the state. Adopting from the foster care system is the quickest and most financially efficient way to complete an adoption. These adoptions can take a few weeks to complete and usually cost $1,000 or less. However, the parental rights of the biological parents must be terminated in order to adopt a foster child.

Call a Wayne County Adoption Attorney

Completing an adoption can be difficult without the help of an experienced attorney by your side. Each type of adoption has unique paperwork and legal processes, making it difficult for those without professional experience to complete the adoption in a timely manner. At Elkouri Heath, PLC, we are familiar with all types of adoption and can help people build a family whether or not they have a partner by their side. If you are considering adoption, contact our Novi, MI, adoption attorneys at 248-344-9700 for a free consultation. 







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