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How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

 Posted on October 05, 2023 in Divorce

MI divorce lawyerThere are several types of divorce mediation spouses can choose from. In some styles of divorce mediation, the spouses never have to see each other face to face. Even if you and your spouse are in serious conflict and do not feel that you can be around each other, divorce mediation may still work for you. Another, more traditional, type of mediation involves bringing the spouses together for a meeting with both of their attorneys and a mediator. Mediation can also take place through virtual services. When mediation is done virtually, the spouses may communicate, but without the added stress of being in the same room. Using mediation can speed up the legal divorce process as well. Your divorce lawyer can help you decide what type of divorce mediation is best for you. 

Mediation and Amicable Divorce 

If your divorce is amicable, meeting in person with your spouse, both attorneys, and the mediator may work well. Amicable spouses often have an easier time working through each issue in their divorce. The mediator can help you and your spouse talk through disagreements and propose solutions. 

Mediation and High-Conflict Divorce 

Surprisingly, mediation can also work well for spouses who are not getting along. One option is for each spouse to sit in a separate room with their attorney and have the mediator move between rooms. The mediator can speak to both spouses individually about each issue and look for a solution. Your attorney can also be there to help guide you and assert your rights. 

Virtual Mediation Options 

Some spouses are more comfortable meeting virtually. It can be less stressful to try to work with your spouse when you do not have to be around each other. If you feel safer and more comfortable getting mediation this way, virtual mediation may be the right solution for you. In virtual mediation, it is easy for the mediator to speak to both you and your spouse separately or individually in a breakout window. 

One Issue at a Time

Most mediators will address one issue fully before moving on to the next. In some cases, if an agreement on one issue cannot be reached easily, the mediator may suggest coming back to it later. Divorce mediation is generally broken up into multiple sessions, which can be helpful for spouses who need time to cool off between sessions.

Contact a Novi, MI, Divorce Lawyer 

Elkouri Heath, PLC is experienced in helping clients settle their divorces by agreement through the use of mediation. Our skilled Oakland County divorce attorneys can help you determine whether divorce mediation is right for your situation. Contact us at 248-344-9700 for a complimentary consultation. 


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