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Handling the Holidays After Gray Divorce

 Posted on December 15, 2023 in Divorce

Blog ImagePeople who have been married for decades often struggle with the first holiday season after separating from their spouse. If you are an older adult getting divorced, you might be dreading the holidays because you are not quite sure what to do. You have likely spent the majority of your adult life celebrating the holidays with your spouse and children if you have them. Spending the holidays differently can be a big adjustment. Many seniors going through the divorce process are unsure how to approach the holidays. Although you do not need to create a parenting plan for your adult children, you may need to figure out which parent is hosting the holiday and where the children will be. This can feel very difficult, but you can adjust to the change if you keep an open mind and are willing to be flexible. A Northville, MI, divorce lawyer can offer further advice

Tips for Your First Holiday Season as a Divorced Adult

Getting through your first holiday season post-divorce can feel like navigating a minefield. Some tips for making the best of your holidays include:

  • Make a parenting time plan - Even if your children are old enough to have their own grandchildren, if they normally visit during the holidays, you will need to find out which parent they will be spending the holiday with. If you still live close to your spouse, your children may split their time between households. Otherwise, you might want to plan for the children to alternate holidays. 
  • Find new traditions - Now is the time to make your own new holiday traditions. Whether that means visiting a friend, volunteering to do holiday meal prep for a charity, or ordering Chinese and watching movies all day, the season is yours to do whatever you wish. 
  • Avoid reconciliation - It is common for spouses undergoing the divorce process to - very temporarily - change their minds and want to stay together during the holidays. This leads to a lot of divorces being re-filed in the spring when the holidays are over. Remember that when you filed for divorce, you alleged that your marriage has broken down to the point where the matrimony has been destroyed and you are not reasonably likely to reconcile. You alleged that for a reason. If you are still having these feelings in the spring, then you should explore the possibility of reconciling. 

Holidays can be hard for divorced people of any age. These tips may keep your season running smoothly.

Contact an Oakland County, MI, Divorce Lawyer

Elkouri Heath, PLC understands the unique needs of older adults getting divorced. Our caring Northville, MI, divorce lawyers will do everything we can to make your first holiday season as happy as it can be. Contact us at 248-344-9700 for a complimentary consultation

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