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Which Assets Are Worth Fighting for in a Michigan Divorce?

 Posted on March 17, 2023 in Divorce

Oakland County Divorce LawyerDivorce is a highly personal process. Therefore, it is not surprising that people approach this life transition in unique ways. Some individuals only care about getting a specific child custody order and care little – if at all – about how the rest of their divorce case shakes out. Others are determined to hold on to specific assets. Still others are willing to be flexible as long as their final property division arrangement fairly divides the value of their marital estate.  

There is no “right” way to navigate your own divorce process. Whether you are hoping to keep your divorce negotiations amicable or you are willing to dig your heels in to get what you want, only you can truly know what is worth fighting for as that “fight” pertains to your values, priorities, needs, and overall circumstances.

Thoughtful Considerations

The most important thing you can do when preparing to navigate your property division situation – whether your divorce is going to be resolved collaboratively or contentiously – is to craft your process thoughtfully. Otherwise, you will be more likely to make decisions that are driven primarily by emotion, as opposed to those that are driven by a desire to safeguard your future well-being.

For example, you may be tempted to hold onto your marital home out of nostalgia. But, if you assess your options thoughtfully, you may realize that by allowing your spouse to buy out your equity, you could fund the launch of the small business you have been dreaming of for years.

This is just a single example of the ways in which individuals may approach the question of “which assets are worth fighting for?” with a forward-facing and thoughtful vision.

Connect with an Oakland County Divorce Lawyer

Because every divorce unfolds under unique circumstances, it is important to seek legal guidance tailored to your specific needs, priorities, and goals. Speaking with a trusted and reputable legal professional as early in the divorce process as you can will help to inform your decisions about issues as varied as property division and child custody concerns to whether you should move into temporary housing or purchase a new residence right away.

Should you decide to partner with the knowledgeable Farmington Hills, MI divorce lawyers at Elkouri Heath, PLC as you move forward, we will do our utmost to help you achieve your divorce-related goals. To arrange a free consultation, call our team at 248-344-9700




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