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What To Look For in a Lawyer When Divorcing a Narcissist 

 Posted on January 14, 2022 in Divorce

shutterstock_328308497.pngIf you are married to a narcissist, you are likely all too familiar with the many qualities that make a narcissist difficult to communicate with, no matter how much effort you apply to the situation. For starters, narcissists cannot tolerate accusations claiming that they are in the wrong because, in their minds, they are always right. 

Rather than considering if they are contributing to an undesirable situation, narcissists are convinced that everyone else is the problem, not them. As you can imagine, divorcing someone who innately believes they are never in the wrong can be a major headache, but as long as you have an experienced lawyer on your side, going through with narcissistic divorce is possible. 

Divorcing a Narcissist Poses a Lot of Challenges 

The fact that narcissists cannot admit when they are wrong or accept blame for situations that are their fault is only the beginning. Filing for divorce when your spouse is a narcissist can cause a lot of emotional distress for you and anyone else affected by the divorce, namely children. 

A few more challenges that are presented by narcissists during a divorce include the following: 

  • Refusing to agree just for the sake of disagreeing 

  • Developing a victim complex and villainizing you

  • Playing games to maintain a semblance of control 

  • Lacking all empathy for you and your children, if applicable 

  • Drawing out the divorce process to assert their dominance 

  • Pushing your buttons in an effort to get a rise out of you

These are only six of the many ways by which a narcissist will try to make the divorce process exhausting and expensive. You might feel as though you have to play along and appease your soon-to-be-former spouse, as that is the precedent that narcissists set, but this is simply not true. Instead, look for a divorce lawyer who specializes in representing clients with spouses who are narcissists. 

Qualities To Look For in a Narcissistic Divorce Lawyer 

A divorce attorney who knows how to go up against a narcissist will make all the difference during a narcissistic divorce. Here are a handful of characteristics to look for in an attorney if you are going through a narcissistic divorce:

  • Familiarity with mental health conditions like narcissistic personality disorder 

  • Experience representing spouses in high-conflict divorce cases 

  • A knack for being proactive and taking control of the process 

  • The skills to not only craft a strong offense but remain firm in their defense as well 

  • Someone who can regulate their emotions and stay calm amid nonsensical behavior

  • A person who is able to understand which arguments are worth having and which are best to avoid

Reach Out To a Farmington Hills Divorce Lawyer Today 

At Elkouri Heath, PLC, we know what it takes to withstand a narcissistic divorce. We have experience representing clients who want to divorce a narcissist, and as such, you can trust us to build an effective case if you are faced with a narcissistic divorce. To schedule a free consultation with an Oakland County narcissistic divorce attorney, call 248-344-9700 today.





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