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What To Expect When Divorcing a Narcissist 

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novi divorce lawyerPeople divorce one another for a number of reasons. Some couples quickly learn after getting married that they are not as compatible as they thought they were, while other partners stay together for a long time only to decide that their partnership is no longer working. 

More specifically, it is not uncommon for one partner to realize that their spouse is a narcissist. Actively pursuing a divorce when you are married to a narcissist can be overwhelming, but the best course of action is to prepare yourself and understand what to expect when divorcing a narcissist

What is a Narcissist? 

Before you can figure out if you are married to a narcissist, it is imperative to understand what a narcissist is and how to identify one. Essentially, a narcissist is a person who has an overinflated sense of self and an extreme level of self-importance. 

Narcissists are very entitled, and they lack empathy, making it easy for them to manipulate others and use people to their advantage as though they are pawns in a game. Also, narcissists do not take responsibility for their behavior and they refuse to be held accountable for their actions, choosing to instead place the blame on everyone else by way of deflection. 

What To Expect From a Narcissist During a Divorce 

When divorcing a narcissist in Michigan, you can expect to experience a lot of gaslighting, denial, and blame-shifting behavior from your spouse. That is why a strong support system is necessary for people who are divorcing or planning to divorce a narcissist. 

Additionally, narcissists do not believe they are in the wrong, so in their eyes, everything will always be your fault. A narcissistic spouse may try to control their partner in order to yield the outcome that they desire, but keeping your distance and relying on your legal team will protect you. 

In some cases, when the narcissistic behavior is unmanageable, lawyers will communicate on behalf of their clients and refrain from permitting the opposing spouses from interacting with each other. Many narcissistic people will try to make the divorce process as long-winded as possible because they take pride in creating difficulty for other people, so be prepared to go the distance when looking to divorce a narcissist.  

Contact an Oakland County Divorce Attorney Today 

Dealing with narcissistic divorce is not easy, but support from friends and family can make a world of difference. Hiring a Farmington Hills divorce attorney to assist you in the process of divorcing a narcissistic person is a great next step. If you are in need of representation or legal advice about divorcing a narcissist, contact a Novi divorce lawyer by calling 248-344-9700 today. 





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