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What Is the Divorce Capital of Michigan?

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Oakland County divorce lawyerThere are many factors that can contribute to the divorce of a marriage: financial strain, irreconcilable divorces and infidelity are all common issues. Before you start the divorce process, it is important to define the cause of divorce. Recently, 24/7 Wall St. used information from the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey to determine the highest divorce capital state. Can you blame your divorce on your hometown? 

In Michigan, the city with the highest divorce rate is Ishpeming, a community in the Upper Peninsula. The population of Ishpeming is around 6,500 residents, and roughly 20.3 percent of those residents (aged 15 and up) are divorced. Note that the census defines divorced as people who have not remarried and whose divorce is finalized, not separated.  

Although it is nearly impossible to determine why there is such a high correlation between divorce and Ishpeming, one can speculate a few factors. According to a study published in the journal Couple and Family Psychology, 75 individuals were surveyed and cited lack of commitment and infidelity as the top reasons for divorce. As well, money problems were listed as a common reason for divorce. In Ishpeming, the median household income is $42,075. 

Here is the list the 10 cities in Michigan with the highest divorce rate:


1. Ishpeming

Population: 6,484

Divorce Rate: 20.3%

Divorcees: 1,184

Median Income: $42,075


2. Greenville

Population: 8,385

Divorce Rate: 19.4%

Divorcees: 1,464

Median Income: $33,623


3. Walled Lake

Population: 7,174

Divorce Rate: 19.2%

Divorcees: 1,239

Median Income: $49,811


4. Dowagiac

Population: 5,812

Divorce Rate: 19.0%

Divorcees: 993

Median Income: $30,023


5. Escanaba

Population: 12,364

Divorce Rate: 18.7%

Divorcees: 2,080

Median Income: $33,230


6. Menominee

Population: 8,298

Divorce Rate: 18.3%

Divorcees: 1,366

Median Income: $36,659


7. Lapeer

Population: 8,769

Divorce Rate: 18.3%

Divorcees: 1,444

Median Income: $34,212


8. Jackson

Population: 32,875

Divorce Rate: 17.9%

Divorcees: 5,296

Median Income: $31,118


9. Howell

Population: 9,514

Divorce Rate: 17.8%

Divorcees: 1,524

Median Income: $47,252


10. Ludington

Population: 8,047

Divorce Rate: 17.8%

Divorcees: 1,289

Median Income: $38,325

Finances can be both a strain for marriage and divorce as well. If you need help with your divorce, contact our trustworthy Oakland County divorce lawyers today.  With experience and compassion, Elkouri Heath, PLC promises to take whatever steps are needed to create a smooth divorce process. For a free initial consultation, contact 248-344-9700. 





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