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What Happens If We Cannot Agree on a Custody Agreement in Michigan?

 Posted on January 27, 2022 in Family Law

shutterstock_1413111914.jpgWhen two people who have children together get a divorce, one of the many aspects of the divorce proceedings is the determination of child custody. In Michigan, the Michigan Child Custody Act was established with the understanding that, in most cases, a child custody arrangement that is in a child's best interest will permit the child to maintain a relationship with each parent. 

Sometimes, parents can come to an agreement regarding child custody without the court’s intervention. With the guidance and assistance of their respective family law attorneys, both parents can seek to establish a custody agreement that they each deem fair, both to themselves and their child. 

However, there are some cases in which parents cannot come to an agreement on the custody of their child. When this happens, a trial may eventually be held, at which point a judge will make a determination on child custody concerns. There are typically three potential outcomes of a situation in which custody is decided on by a judge, those being joint custody, sole custody, and parenting time. 

Sole Custody, Joint Custody, and Parenting Time 

Parents who have joint custody share custody of their children. As the name may imply, sole custody refers to dynamics in which only one parent has custody over his or her child or children. The custodial parent is granted the responsibility of making decisions on the child or children's behalf. A parenting time schedule allows parents to each spend time with their children. Parenting time may be supervised in some circumstances. 

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Determining an appropriate custody arrangement that is in the best interests of the children that both parents can agree to is often more challenging than it seems. 

If you are getting a divorce in Michigan and you are seeking legal guidance as you navigate the complicated process, be sure to hire an Oakland County family law attorney with experience representing clients whose cases involve child custody. At Elkouri Heath, PLC, we recognize that trying to agree on situations as important as child custody with your ex-partner can be grueling. Allow us to help you navigate the challenges of child custody agreements and other divorce-related matters by calling 248-344-9700 and scheduling a free consultation today. 




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