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Understanding the Home Study Requirement in Michigan Adoptions

 Posted on May 14, 2021 in Family Law

novi adoption lawyerMost people who have grown their family through adoption will agree that it is a fulfilling experience. Many children in the foster care system are available for adoption and are waiting for forever families, but before they can find a family, that family must meet specific requirements. One of the biggest requirements is the successful completion of a home study. Home studies are meant to ensure that the adoptive family is suitable for a child, but the process can be extensive. If you are considering adoption, you should be aware of the requirements to adopt and be prepared for your home study. 

Elements of a Home Study

Every person who wants to be a foster parent or adopt a child in Michigan must complete a home study. The home study is typically done by your adoption worker, who is a licensed social worker. The home study is conducted through a series of meetings between you and your adoption worker, at least one of which must be at your home so the worker can observe where a child would be living. During the home study process, the adoption worker will gather information about: 

  • Your family’s personal history. The adoption worker will conduct interviews with everyone in the household, including any other children you already have. Your personal history is meant to provide the adoption worker a snapshot of what kind of family you are and what kind of child may do well in your household. The adoption worker will compile your family history into a report that will be used during the placement process.

  • Information about your health. You will also need to provide you and your family members’ medical history, along with proof of a physical done in the past year. For the most part, conditions that are manageable, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, cannot prevent you from adopting. 

  • Any criminal history you may have. Before you can adopt, any adults in the household will have to have a criminal background check completed. Both adoptive parents will also have to provide fingerprints to the police.

  • Your family’s income. You will also need to provide information about your income. This is not meant to eliminate families who are not wealthy, but simply to ensure that you have the resources available to provide for another child. 

Also, part of the home study is the requirement for pre-adopting training. In Michigan, you will have to complete at least 12 hours of Parent Resources for Information, Development and Training (PRIDE) classes. These classes will help prepare you for what to expect with an adoptive child and how to help your child thrive in his or her new home.

Our Oakland County Adoption Lawyers Can Help

Adopting a child is an intensive process that requires dedication on your family’s part. The adoption process can be complex, so obtaining legal help can be extremely beneficial for your case. If you are considering adopting a child, you should discuss your case with one of our Novi, MI adoption lawyers. At Elkouri Heath, PLC, we understand the difficulties that the adoption process can bring, but we will do our best to simplify the legalities involved. To schedule a free consultation, call our office today at 248-344-9700.






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