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How a Lawyer Can Help You Cut Ties When Divorcing a Narcissist 

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shutterstock_1188699634.jpgCutting ties with a narcissist is no easy feat. It can be an even more difficult task when the narcissist you no longer want to communicate with is the person you married. Thankfully, a divorce lawyer who has experience going up against narcissists can help you cut legal ties with a narcissistic partner successfully and permanently. 

The Narcissist Does Not Know the Attorney

One of the most difficult parts about divorcing a narcissist is that the narcissist knows you. You may be thinking, “Of course they do! We were married for years.” However, the way that people who are narcissists get to know people is not in the same way that you get to know people. 

It’s important to remember that narcissists are about as self-centered as a person can possibly be, so everything they do is carried out from a place of selfishness. As such, narcissists want to get to know people so that they can learn as much as they can about the person, especially those they are in close relationships with, in order to figure out how to manipulate them. 

But a narcissist cannot control or manipulate a person that he or she does not know. While your partner may try to apply manipulative tactics as they communicate with you, they will not be able to coerce or persuade your lawyer in the way they have learned to do with you. In turn, this lack of control by way of manipulation will make the narcissist feel powerless, which is good for you. 

Lawyers Lack an Emotional Connection With the Narcissist 

If you find yourself feeling love towards a partner who is a narcissist or still wishing them well despite everything they have put you through, know that this is normal. However, this can be detrimental if your emotional connection to the narcissist causes you to act in ways that do not best serve you. By hiring an attorney, all communication can be carried out between your lawyer and your spouse’s lawyer, making it impossible for your partner to use the emotional connection against you. Since your attorney is not emotionally attached to your narcissistic spouse, cutting ties will be easy for them, which makes it easier for you, too. 

Attorneys Enforce the Law No Matter What

Narcissists have an undying desire to have things happen in their favor. They always want to do everything their way. As you may have already noticed in your spouse, narcissists often exhibit the my-way-or-the-highway mentality, no matter the situation. 

Unfortunately for them, this approach does not work in terms of the law. When legal matters are underway, the narcissist is not in control because the law dictates what happens, not the narcissist. 

As such, hiring an attorney to represent you during a narcissistic divorce is in your best interest because you can trust that your lawyer will enforce the law, no matter what the narcissist says or tries to do to convince them otherwise. This will take away the sense of control that narcissists thrive off of, which can only benefit you. 

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