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Can I Avoid Conflict by Using Mediation During My Divorce?

 Posted on March 26, 2021 in Divorce

Farmington Hills divorce attorney mediation

If you are considering divorce or are in the midst of the divorce process, you may be worried about how you will deal with your spouse as you work to legally dissolve your marriage. Since your relationship has broken down beyond repair, it is understandable if the two of you have trouble getting along, but you may want to try to avoid serious conflict and resolve matters as peaceably as possible. Fortunately, your divorce does not have to be an extended legal battle in the courtroom, and you may be able to get through the process more easily by using mediation.

Reducing Conflict Through the Mediation Process

When you use mediation, you and your spouse will meet together with a mediator, who will act as a neutral third party who will help you work together to reach a mutually agreeable divorce settlement. The mediation sessions will consist of informal meetings where the two of you can identify the issues that need to be resolved, discuss your concerns, and reach compromises that you will both be satisfied with. The mediator does not make any decisions but instead will guide you toward compromises while making sure you understand how the law applies to your situation.

While mediation may not completely eliminate conflict, it provides an environment in which you and your spouse will be able to approach divorce-related issues from an equal standpoint. Since mediation is confidential, you can rest assured that what you discuss will be kept private, and you will be able to negotiate freely as you work to reach a workable resolution. In addition, the decisions you make during the mediation process will not be legally binding unless both you and your spouse are in full agreement. This encourages you to find solutions that will meet both of your needs.

If you do choose to use mediation, you can help make sure this process will be successful by being willing to compromise and cooperate. It is best to leave personal disagreements about why your marriage has ended or differences in your parenting styles behind. Instead, you can focus on the legal and financial issues that need to be resolved and the plans you can put in place to ensure that you will both be able to move forward with your lives once your divorce is complete.

If you and your spouse have children together, mediation is a great opportunity to determine how you will work together as co-parents going forward. In addition to addressing child custody and parenting time, you can also use your parenting agreement to make decisions about issues such as how you will discipline your children, rules regarding children’s bedtimes or use of electronic devices, or when you will communicate with each other about educational matters or extracurricular activities. This can help you build a new foundation for your relationship as parents in the years to come.

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