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Be Cautious on Social Media Until Your Family Law Case Is Resolved

 Posted on March 24, 2023 in Family Law

Oakland County Family Law AttorneyMillions of American adults log on to various social media platforms daily. These resources serve a host of purposes, including keeping loved ones connected. As a result, you might not think twice about posting information about your family law case online. You may find that doing so is a great way to vent and/or to receive feedback from people whom you trust and respect. However, it is potentially going to be very important that you exercise great caution on social media until your case has been fully resolved.

Your Social Media Activity Could Be Used Against You

In the event that your family law case becomes contentious, your spouse and/or your child’s other parent could use your pictures, posts, and engagement activity to undermine the strength of your case. As you are likely aware, social media activity can easily be misinterpreted and used to misrepresent someone’s circumstances or intentions.

It is now a common legal tactic for attorneys to scroll social media feeds for information that can be used on behalf of their clients. Even seemingly mundane activity – a picture of you on a date or a post detailing why you are finding the divorce process to be so frustrating – could be used to undermine your position.

It is also worth noting that because you are dealing with a major life transition, your relationships with some people are likely evolving quietly. What you say online could impact your children, family, and friends in ways that you may not anticipate in the moment.

Connect with an Oakland County Family Law Attorney for Support

It is important to remember that you have more power in a family law case than it probably feels like you do. Your words and actions have power. Learning how to exercise that power for your benefit – and, if applicable, for the benefit of your children – can help to ensure that your case is resolved in your favor.

Because it is not always easy to know the most effective ways forward, the client-focused Farmington Hills, MI divorce and child custody lawyers at Elkouri Heath, PLC are proud to offer free case evaluation sessions to anyone who is interested in starting the process of exploring their rights and options. To schedule a risk-free consultation at no cost, you can call our team at 248-344-9700 or submit a contact form on our website. Taking this first step forward may require a little courage, so do not forget that your choices have great power. We look forward to meeting with you.




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