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content9_5Spousal support, also called alimony, is support paid by one spouse to the other spouse for purposes of support and maintenance. There are several factors considered by the court in determining whether spousal support should be awarded, and if so the amount of such support. There are not guidelines that are mandated by the State of Michigan for the calculation of alimony. However,  the factors that must be considered by the court are as follows:

  1. The past relations and conduct of the parties;
  2. The length of the marriage;
  3. The ability of the parties to work;
  4. The source and amount of property awarded to the parties;
  5. The age of the parties;
  6. The ability of the parties to pay alimony;
  7. The present situation of the parties;
  8. The needs of the parties;
  9. The health of the parties;
  10. The prior standard of living of the parties and whether either is responsible for the support of the other; and
  11. General principles of equity.

Modify Spousal Support in Michigan

By law spousal support in Michigan is modifiable. Modifications are based upon the showing of a change in circumstance. The parties may waive their statutory right to modification and agree to a spousal support award that is non modifiable. The court cannot order a non modifiable award unless the parties both waive their statutory rights to modification. Spousal support is typically paid on a monthly basis and is taxable to the recipient and is deductible by the payor. Spousal support, like child support, is typically paid through the Friend of the Court. This allows for the issuance of an income withholding order for the support to be taken from the payor’s wages and paid through the Friend of the Court, and allows for accurate recordkeeping and reduces disputes as to whether support was actually paid.


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