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content5_3Courts are directed to order parenting time that promotes a strong relationship between the child and the non custodial parent. The Child Custody Act controls parenting time privileges as well as the custody disputes and as in custody disputes the best interest of the child are a controlling consideration. MCL 722.27a, creates presumption that it is in the best interest of a child to have a strong relationship with both parents.

Parenting Time Violations

The Friend of the Court must initiate enforcement if it receives a written complaint that states specific facts constitute a custody or parenting time order violation. A parenting time violation means an individual’s act or failure to act that interferes with a parent’s right to interact with his or her child in the time, place and manner established in the order that governs custody or parenting time between the child and the parent and to which the individual is accused of interfering. Either party who is the subject of a parenting time order may at anytime request a modification of the current parenting time schedule if there is a change in circumstances or another compelling reason for the court to revisit the issue. In addition, many parenting time cases evolve because there is a violation of a current parenting time order. Under MCL 552.641(1), the court may do the following in response to an alleged parenting time violation: (1) Apply a makeup parenting time policy. (2) Commence civil contempt proceedings. (3) Modify the existing parenting time provisions to insure that parenting time is in the best interest of the child. (4) Refer the case to mediation or schedule a joint meeting.