General Information

For many individuals divorce involves more than just dealing with finances and children. It affects not only the immediate family but perhaps elderly parents that need to be looked after, not to mention relationships with extended family members, friends and even beloved in-laws. You should be prepared for the possibility that your divorce may become adversarial and that your spouse may turn into a person you never knew existed. Try to contemplate that while you may be taking an action you think rational, it’s very possible that your spouse will interpret your actions differently or perhaps worse, offensively creating more problems. In some cases couples find that tax experts are helpful to keep a divorce from becoming extremely adversarial. You should now obtain a credit report, gather all of your important documents and make copies of them and place the copies in a secure location outside of your home that your spouse does not have access to. Obtain all copies and the status of all assets including retirement accounts. Obtain a market analysis of your property. Avoid taking any additional debt on or allowing your spouse to do so. Once all the information is exchanged, your attorney will discuss with you the next step in your case which may involve settlement discussions, mediation, arbitration and scheduling trial dates.