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content2_3Child support is the payment that a non custodial parent makes as a contribution to the cost of raising his or her child. The legal duty to support a minor child belongs to both parents, even if the custodial parent is capable of caring for the child singlehandedly. Support is awarded to provide for the child’s basic needs and to allow the child to share in the standard of living of both parents. In Michigan child support is generally calculated based on the Michigan Child Support Formula. Support is ordinarily payable until a child reaches the age of eighteen 18 or 19 ½ if the child is still a fulltime high school student.

Child Support Adjustment Help & Michigan Child Support Formula

The amount of child support is based on several factors including the income of each of the parents, any other children the parties might be legally required to support, additional expenses such as child care and health care insurance, and the amount of overnights the minor child spends with each parent. The parties can agree to additional support provisions if they wish to provide for a college education or if they have a disabled child that they wish to provide for past the age of majority. However, support of a child over the age of 19 ½ can only be accommodated if both of the parties to the divorce agree to it.